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TV Wall Brackets - Pretoria, Centurion & Midrand Areas

TV repairs by TV+ Video Doctor

We install Flat TVs to wall brackets

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Since 1986 we have been repairing TVs and video machines and have kept pace of developments and the changing market. We are based in Centurion, Pretoria and also service the Moot, Pretoria East and Midrand areas. We repair all types of TVs: LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D, OLED, 4K, and even the older Rear Projector and CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs.

We Repair all Makes of TVs

The market is expanding and there are more TV makes emerging. We are proud to state that we repair most makes on the market, from the brand leaders Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Tedelex, Hisense, Telefunken, Sansui, Wharfedale, Daewoo, Futronic, Logik and Sinotec through to all the other brands too.

We also repair these brands of LCD/LED TVs; Maxdorf, Teac, JVC, By-Design, Diamond, Sharp, Philips, Toshiba, Sonic, Ecco, Aim, Hitachi, P Vision, Sanyo, Akai, Hyundai, Dixon, Nu-Tec, Thompson, Rinex, Oleia, Etron, Proline, Enzer and Coby.

Trained and Skilled Technicians

As TV technology changes so does our training and knowledge base. Our technicians are all fully trained and knowledgeable on what they work on. Each week we have training, not only technical, but on admin systems too. So all in all, you get the best of both worlds. Professionalism and efficiency at its best. Rest assured, your TV is in good hands. We repair and fix other household electronic devices, and have built a solid reputation that you can count on.

Fully Insured While in our Hands

TV+ Video Doctor carries insurance while your TV is in transit - being transported to and from our workshops - as well as while on our premises. This is added peace of mind that you will receive your TV as you would expect it and should anything go wrong somewhere between us, your TV will be covered.

How to Get your TV Repaired Professionally

Call TV & Video Doctor (012 664 5223) for a collection arrangement or bring your LCD / LED, or CRT TV in for assessment. Rest assured that your TV is in safe hands - we carry insurance for your TV while in transit (both ways), and while on our premises.
We will schedule an assessment and once done call you to let you know what the fault is, and what the repair costs will be (if over R500) and approximately how long it will take to complete the repair job. Remember, assessing can take a few hours, and there is calling to establish spares availability and costs, so getting back to you on costs may well be the following day. Should the cost be under R500, we will proceed automatically.
You give us the Go Ahead and we queue your repair job, which now gets a Jobcard number, we order the parts and start once parts arrive.
The repair job is carried out, then testing gets done. We then allow for a full day of testing before calling you to schedule the delivery and return of your TV.
Once we are satisfied that the repair is 100% as it should be, we schedule a delivery best suited to you. Once at your premises, we plug the TV in, and go through the test phases once again in front of you to demonstrate full workability.
Once you are happy with work carried out, we collect outstanding payment, ask you for a referral or testimonial and leave.
Your TV repair is GUARANTEED for 3 MONTHS - which covers the parts replaced and workmanship, not the entire TV. Expect a follow up call from our offices a few days after the delivery of your repaired TV, to make sure all is well with the repair we just did.

Book Your TV Repair TODAY!

Most TV faults and errors require testing with electronic equipment by an experienced technician. We collect and deliver FREE of charge should you choose to repair your TV with TV+ Video Doctor. For a Repair Estimate, without the repair being carried out by TV+ Video Doctor, a nominal rate of R250 will be charged.